Home Sports Moca farmers triumph and advance to the final series of Summer Baseball

Moca farmers triumph and advance to the final series of Summer Baseball

The current champions of the Summer League, Granjeros de Moca, secured their place in the final of the tournament by defeating the Indios de la Vega 12 runs by 4 in the third game of the semifinal series agreed to the best of three games, which finished 2-1 in favor of the Mocanos. Those on the land of the viaduct had no mercy in front of the vegan pitching, which they punished by scoring 12 runs, to the beat of 16 hits, of which 5 were home runs. Andretty Cordero and Lázaro Hernández combined to connect 10-8 between them, with 3 homers, 6 RBIs and 6 scored, together, to command the offense of the locals. With this classification, the champions earned the right to contest the championship with the Mineros de Bonao and thus ensure their ninth participation in finals, of which they have won seven times, including the last two versions of the tournament. The final series begins next Friday, October 15 in Bonao and is scheduled for the best in five games. The winners on offense stood out: Andretty Cordero, 5-4 with two homers, 4 RBIs and four runs; Lázaro Hernández, 5-4, home run, two doubles, 3 runs scored and three RBIs and Ambiorix Franco, 5-2, home run, three RBIs and one scored. For the La Vega Indians, in the lost cause, the following stood out: Andy Vásquez, 4-3, double, 2 RBIs and one scored; Windert Pujols, 5-3 with a run scored and Juan Santana, 4-2 with a run scored and an RBI. Juan Guzmán won the relief role, who worked in 2 and a third innings where he did not allow freedoms and struck out 4 opponents. Vegan starter Gabriel Pérez took the loss, only being able to pitch an inning of 8 hits and 5 earned runs with two strikeouts. The Summer League of the Dominican Republic is an event organized by Fedobe where the BanReservas cup is disputed and with a special dedication to Lic. Samuel Pereyra, general administrator of BanReservas.


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