Moca and Jarabacoa tied goalless in the Liguilla

Matchday six of the league closed with a goalless draw between Moca FC and Jarabacoa FC at the Olympic stadium in the town of Moca

The game was level and the scoreboard was a reflection of the process.

Even though Moca had a lot of initiative in the first half, Ernesto Trinidad with a header could open the account but it was not effective, Chet himself had another option but could not control in the area.

Jesús Vargas, the Colombian, was very participatory in the game and with medium-distance shots he tried to find the rival goal

In the second half the visitors also went on the attack with associated play, Mena caused situations in the finishing zone, in addition to the Argentine Ezequiel Pérez who with his great technique took shots on the edge of the area but who always found Odalis Báez

The attacker from the mountains, Maxi Álvarez, was able to unbalance the scoreboard in the final minutes, but finished off from above.

In the 72nd minute, Jarabcoa FC was going to be left with one less player, after the expulsion of their goalkeeper Marte. Parity was to be maintained.

With the triumph of the Cibao squad over La Vega, the classification table closes as follows: Club Atlético Pantoja with 15 points, Cibao FC with 9, followed in third place with 7 by La Vega, Moca has the same score, they close the O&M table and Jarabacoa with three units.

The next date will have the following clashes; Jarabacoa will clash against the leaders of the Club Atlético Pantoja phase, while La Vega will receive Moca FC and Cibao FC will measure forces against O&M.

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