Mobilizations against the health pass: 237,000 protesters in France, including 17,000 in Paris

From Toulon to Lille, the French demonstrated, this Saturday, August 7, for the fourth consecutive weekend against the extension of the health pass and the mandatory vaccination for caregivers, validated on Thursday by the Constitutional Council.

Meetings are planned in more than 150 cities. According to the Ministry of the Interior, at 7:00 p.m., the results stood at 198 actions and 237,000 participants throughout France. There were 17,000 to demonstrate in Paris, 9,400 in Nice, 6,000 in Marseille, between 5,000 and 6,000 in Nantes, 5,000 in Toulouse, 3,000 in Lille or even 19,000 in Toulon. The authorities identified 35 arrests and 7 minor injuries among the police.

“Macron, your pass, we don’t want it”: in Paris, slogans hostile to the president resounded in a procession of at least 1,000 protesters, many of whom wore yellow vests. Starting from Hauts-de-Seine, this parade is heavily supervised by mobile gendarmes.

Many of the protesters, sometimes vaccinated, challenge the generalization of the health pass which, according to them, constitutes a “disguised vaccination obligation”. They consider the restriction to be disproportionate and are particularly concerned that an employer may have the power to suspend an employee’s employment contract. Other protesters say they refuse to be “the guinea pigs” of the new vaccines.

This Friday the law that extends the health pass to new public places and that establishes a vaccination obligation for caregivers was published in the Official Gazette.

Starting Monday, you will need to present a vaccination certificate, a negative PCR test for Covid-19 or a certificate of recovery from the disease to gain access to cafes and restaurants, theaters or trade fairs, or to take a long trip in plane. , train or coach.

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Authorities argue that the number of critical care hospitalizations continues to rise and that daily deaths linked to Covid-19 in hospitals are on the rise again. The situation is deteriorating in particular in the West Indies, and in particular in Guadeloupe, which has been confined since Wednesday.

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