MLB teams paid $5.2 billion in salaries last season

With the fields of Spring Training as close as the middle of next month, the season of Major League Baseball little by little he begins to pick up his pace after one of the most dynamic free agencies in recent memory.

The big contracts awarded in the winter, such as Aaron Judge’s (360 million dollars), show the good financial health of baseball Major League Baseball that in 2022 reached new heights.

According to estimates made by the site specialized in financial sports news front office, Payments made to players in 2022 exceeded 5 billion dollars, reaching 5.2 billion, compared to 4.5 billion dollars in 2021.

Within the gigantic sum are considered the players of the list of 40 that each team must have and where the average value in the contract of each of the baseball players is calculated.

By exceeding the $230 million salary cap, six teams had to pay luxury taxes. The Dodgers disbursed 32.4 million dollars for this item.

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The New York Mets paid $30.8 million .They had the highest payroll in the league with 299.8 million, but they were assessed at a lower rate because they had not crossed the payroll threshold the previous year.

The Yankees, Padres, Phillies, and Red Sox they also made payments that will go into MLB’s competitive pool.

record income

Major League Baseball had a record-breaking year entering, 10.8 billion in 2022. New media deals with Fox, TBS and ESPN generated 1.8 billion, and endorsement deals added another 1.2 billion dollars.

The league will add a new funding source with ads that will appear on the jersey and helmet.

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