MLB maintains a percentage of 28% of foreign players

The percentage of Major League Baseball players born outside the continental United States remained relatively stable for the fourth straight Opening Day.

Major League Baseball noted that 269 of the 945 players on opening day rosters and disabled and restricted lists were born outside the 50 states, or 28.5%. The number represents an increase from 28.2% of rosters expanded to 28 players after the labor shutdown last year, 28.3% in 2021 and 28.4% in 2020, when the active player limit was raised to 25. to 30 during the pandemic.

The Dominican Republic tops the list with 104 players, its second most behind only 110 in 2020. Venezuela ranked second with 62, followed by Cuba (21). Puerto Rico (19), Mexico (15), Canada (10), Japan (8), Colombia (7), Curaçao, Panama and South Korea (4); Bahamas and Nicaragua (2); and Aruba, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Honduras, and Taiwan (1).

Mexico’s total was its highest since 2005, when it had 18.

There were 19 nations and territories represented, two fewer than the record set last year.

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