Major League Baseball and the players union agreed to move the next deadline for teams to offer contracts to certain players in order to keep them out of potential limbo in the event of a work stoppage next month.

The bidding period was moved from December 2 to November 30 at 8 pm. The sport’s collective bargaining agreement expires on December 1 at 11:59 p.m., and MLB and the union are not expected to agree to a new agreement before that date. The lockout and staff freeze could begin on December 2.

Teams have until the deadline to decide whether to offer contracts in 2022 to players with less than six years of major league service, including those eligible for salary arbitration.

The labor dispute could take months to resolve, and if the Dec. 2 deadline passed during a roster freeze, players who have yet to bid on contracts might not know if they would become free agents until shortly before the start of the roster. season.



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