MIUI Pure Mode: Xiaomi’s new secret for your Android smartphone

The Xiaomi user community revealed today, Saturday, September 4, one of the biggest secrets of the Chinese manufacturer led by Lei Jun. More specifically, we are now getting to know a new security bastion to be prepared for the interface. MIUI.

With Xiaomi actively working on its MIUI to correct the instability of the current version, as well as the errors and insects senses, now there is a promising new section to integrate the MIUI 12.5 and the MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition, OR “Pure mode“.

MIUI Pure Mode is Xiaomi’s new security bastion

MIUI Xiaomi pure mode
The new section was recently introduced by the user community.

MIUI Pure Mode is the latest software product released by Xiaomi as part of its user interface based on the Android operating system. It is a strong security improvement and is present in the new versions of MIUI 12.5.

As the publication progresses IT startup Xiaomi started recruiting users in China to test the new “MIUI Pure Mode” feature. This is the official nomenclature used by the manufacturer led by Lei Jun that promises to protect users.

More specifically, this new “pure mode” claims to be able to prevent malicious applications from serving their nefarious purposes and thus protect Xiaomi device users. For the manufacturer, this is a tool with great potential.

MIUI Pure Mode arrives to protect users from malware and malicious applications

Xiaomi MIUI pure mode
“Pure Mode” is Xiaomi’s new shield against malicious applications.

According to Xiaomi, due to nature open source Android system, one of its most distinctive features, it is also easier to fall into one of the traps created by hackers. At the same time, it also points to the increase in the number of malicious apps that currently still make it through the Google Play Store filters.

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Furthermore, Xiaomi claims that around 40% of the apps installed by MIUI users have never been subjected to a security inspection. He adds that 10% of these applications are potentially dangerous for the common user.

It was in this context that Xiaomi developed the new “Pure Mode” for MIUI, designed to protect the user from malicious applications. It is a new function or “safety zone” with simple but effective operation.

By activating “Pure Mode” you can only install apps from verified sources

Xiaomi MIUI Pure Mode

Briefly, by activating this security barrier, the user will only be able to install applications from verified sources. That is, they can no longer install apps from external sources, where APK integrity and security checks are rare.

At the same time, it is no longer possible to install apps in the background. Thus, it becomes impossible to install an application without the consent (and knowledge) of the respective user, which is a very common tactic in malicious applications.

Please note that this modus operandi He is also employed by Apple. However, unlike the American giant, Xiaomi will allow the user to disable this “Pure Mode”, being an optional function, so if they wish they can continue installing applications from unrecognized sources.

We recognize in this new feature a positive potential to help less experienced users stay safe by being able to install applications, for example, from the Google Play Store.

Currently, the feature, MIUI Pure Mode, is being tested in China. Finally, there is no information on the possible availability of the stable version of the interface, nor on its global availability.

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