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MIUI 13: see if your Xiaomi smartphone will be updated with this application

THE MIUI 13 was introduced by the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, on December 28. So now the waiting period begins until the update reaches the smartphones chosen for the update, but will your Xiaomi phone also receive it?

Fortunately, there is a free app that you can install from the Google Play Store, the official content store for Android mobile devices. In question is the application MIUI downloader | News and applications developed by the Xiaomiui community, available for free with various tools and functions for Xiaomi smartphones.

Will you receive your Xiaomi MIUI 13? Check it out quickly with this free app

Xiaomi MIUI 13
Some of the highlights and capabilities of the MIUI Downloader application | News and applications.

Download and install the MIUI Downloader | News and apps via Google Play Store

It should be noted that the new MIUI 13 brings Google’s Android 12 to several Xiaomi smartphones, changing various aspects of the system. We have, from the beginning, improvements in performance and performance, as well as greater privacy and personalization.

By the way, in MIUI 13 we find a harmonious mix between the improvements that Google has brought to its operating system, as well as the additions of Xiaomi itself. Thus, with the MIUI Downloader application, you can know in a few seconds whether or not your Android smartphone will be updated with this version.

When you run the application for the first time, it will detect the smartphone model in which it is open. It will then use this information to collect more information and data, presenting it to the user of the mobile device.

The most important thing these days? Information on the availability of MIUI 13 for a particular Xiaomi smartphone model. Additionally, they can also consult the information on the eligibility of other manufacturer models.

MIUI 13 brings several visual novelties inspired by Android 12

MIUI 13 Quick Tour: Do you see a difference?https://t.co/KMmXbYn5z3

– xiaomiui | Xiaomi and MIUI News (@xiaomiui) December 28, 2021

Download and install the MIUI Downloader | News and apps via Google Play Store

It will also be through this free application for Android devices that users will have access to some trial versions (Beta versions) of MIUI. There, they can download and install the firmware, with a detailed procedure and accompanied by the necessary instructions. However, this is a process for which 4gnews is not responsible.

It should be noted that MIUI 13 is currently only available in China. However, its distribution in the rest of the markets begins already during the month of January – stable global version – as we previously announced in 4gnews.

In summary, the MIUI Downloader application is one of the tools that we can recommend for any Xiaomi smartphone user more interested in the manufacturer’s news.

Finally, this free app currently has a rating of 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on the Google Play Store based on 1,138 ratings, with an approximate size of 26Mb.

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