Mitur will build a convention center in SD

After more than two years in charge of the Ministry of Tourism, David Collado continues to list new challenges for his portfolio of purposes. This time, the minister affirmed that he had set his sights on both shopping tourism and convention tourism.

“In the next 90 days, we are going to start the construction process of the Santo Domingo convention center, where the Hispaniola Hotel was for many years, and we are going to preserve that building. It is great news, it is a mission that we have from the Ministry of Tourism”, said Collado.

The official said that the project is already in the final planning stage before starting the physical work that, precisely, would increase hotel occupancy in the center of the country and support the generation of jobs, opportunities and a greater number of ventures.

“Cities that have well-managed convention centers hotel occupancy increases between seven and eight percent, which means more employment, more opportunities and more entrepreneurship in the city of Santo Domingo,” he specified.

Upon being recognized for his work in the Tourism Cabinet, the Santo Domingo Hotel Association (Ahsd) and the Santo Domingo Tourism Cluster (Ctsd), Collado assured that the “Santo Domingo Convention Center” will make it “without Doubts”, the city has a significant rebound in tourism.

So far in February, the country has been visited by some 335,000 foreigners and projections from the Ministry of Tourism indicate that by the end of the twenty-eighth days of this month, nearly 600,000 visitors will have arrived. He said that the Dominican Republic is at an enviable moment in terms of tourism.

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