Mitchell: “Ricky has been a fundamental piece in my career”

Donovan Mitchell, star of the Cleveland Cavaliers, was delighted this Saturday to have met this season with an old teammate of his in the Utah Jazz: the Spanish Ricky Rubio. “Ricky and I get along great. He has been a fundamental piece in my career helping me become the player I am today.“, he claimed.

Mitchell participated this Saturday in the official training and media attention of the NBA All-Star, which is held until Sunday in Salt Lake City (Utah, USA). In his first year in Cleveland, Mitchell has managed to be named as one of the five starters in the Eastern Conference for the big game of the All-Star on Sunday, although the members of each team for that match will be chosen by the captains of both teams: LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

After being great teammates from 2017 to 2019 in the Utah Jazz, Mitchell and Rubio have met again this season in a thriving Cleveland Cavaliers who are currently fourth in the East (38-23). The shooting guard expressed his joy at sharing a dressing room again with the Spanish point guard “years later” and in “a similar situation: trying to get a championship”. “It’s great to have teammates that you already know,” he said of his landing in Cleveland after five seasons as Utah’s lighthouse. Mitchell also said that, along with Mike Conley and Joe Ingles, Rubio is the smartest and sharpest player he has ever met on a team.

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