Missile deal between US and Taiwan approved

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  • It is feared that China’s stance on Taiwan will be tougher.
  • China considers Taiwan its part
  • Recently Chinese fighter planes took off in Taiwan’s airspace

Washington: President Joe Biden’s administration has approved a $100 million missile deal between the US and Taiwan. The aim of this missile agreement is to strengthen Taiwan’s missile defense system in view of increasing pressure from China. The US State Department issued a statement on Monday informing about the approval of this missile agreement. The Winter Olympic Games are being held in Beijing, the capital of China, and as a result, the feeling of nationalism in the country is at its peak.

It is feared that after the conclusion of the Games, China’s stance on Taiwan will be tougher. China considers Taiwan as its part and does not rule out the possibility of using force to bring it under its jurisdiction.

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Chinese fighter jets have flown over Taiwan’s airspace in recent months. The agreement is to help Taiwan deploy its existing air-defense missile system and advanced American missiles that Taiwan is getting from the US. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has thanked the US for approving this agreement.

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