Missile attack on residential building in Ukraine, 25 people killed

Kiev: At least 25 civilians have been killed in the latest wave of Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian cities.

According to Al Jazeera, early Friday morning, the Ukrainian cities of Dnipro and Uman were hit by large-scale airstrikes for the first time in two months.

A residential apartment in the central town of Oman was also hit by a Russian missile, which reduced part of the building to rubble and caught fire in the building. .

Rescue workers searched for survivors and bodies buried under a large pile of rubble, officials said, adding that at least 23 civilians were killed in the building, including four children.

7 Ukrainian officials were killed as a result of firing on a military bus in Donetsk. According to the news agency, clashes are also continuing in Bakhmut. On the other hand, Russian officials say that Ukraine used a drone in the city of Sevastopol near Crimea. The oil terminal, where a contingent of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is based, has been targeted.

Al Jazeera K Charles Stratford, reporting from Kiev, said the attack was carried out by 23 cruise missiles and kamikaze drones, some of which were allegedly launched from the Caspian Sea, according to the Ukrainian government. The reporter said the attacks show Russia has the ability to strike targets in the country whenever and wherever it wants.

It was the first wave of Russian missile attacks since early March. Russia had carried out such attacks almost weekly for much of the winter, but they have decreased as spring approaches. Western countries said Moscow’s Missiles are running out. Moscow has said the targets of its strikes were the positions of Ukrainian reservists, which it successfully attacked and prevented from reaching the front.

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A missile also hit a house in the southeastern city of Dnipro, killing a two-year-old child and a 31-year-old woman, regional governor Sirhi Lysak told media. Many people were injured.

It should be noted that Kiev has said that it has completed preparations for a major offensive to regain its occupied land. Al Jazeera says the war in Ukraine is reaching a turning point, with Russia holding little Ukrainian land despite heavy Russian offensives over the winter, and now hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles sent by the West. has made full preparations for retaliatory action using

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