Misfortunate students brutally torture teacher for giving low marks, video goes viral

Heartbreaking incidents are happening in India every day, but this incident has created a stir.

The case is that in the state of Jharkhand, students tied the teacher to a tree and brutally tortured him for giving low marks in the exam.

According to Indian media, eleven students at a local school in Jharkhand assaulted their maths teacher simply because he had given low marks in the exams.

According to Indian media, the students involved in the incident say that the teacher gave us low marks and the clerk uploaded the result on the school’s official website.

According to reports, the maths teacher had given these eleven students of class IX a D grade in the exam.

According to the police, no complaint was filed by the school administration or the teacher who was the victim of violence.

The school administration said that a police complaint was not lodged against the students as it would have ruined their future.

According to the media report, in the said incident, the clerk was also tied to a tree along with the teacher, but no complaint was filed on behalf of both.

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