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Mirotic exacerbates the crisis of FC Barcelona: threatens to stay

The Spanish-Montenegrin player has raised the possibility of staying at the club

In the midst of a financial and sports crisis, FC Barcelona faces a new obstacle, Nikola Mirotic threatens to stay in the team. Although the Spanish-Montenegrin player has expressed his desire to terminate his contract with the club, so far there has been no agreement between the parties involved. This situation has led to the fact that the negotiations with the clubs that intended to sign Mirotic have broken down.

The player’s contract with FC Barcelona runs until 2025, and according to the words of President Joan Laporta, his high salary is the result of poor management by the previous board. Mirotic’s intention to leave the club has raised expectations in several European teams, including Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, Milan and Monaco.

Mirótic Barcelona
the player plans to stay in the Barça team for the next season

Mirotic continues without rescinding contract with FC Barcelona

However, due to the lack of resolution in the contractual situation of Mirotic, these clubs have decided to withdraw from the negotiations. Interested teams are understandably reluctant to make an offer with the uncertainty of whether the player will actually be available for next season. As the final stretch of the summer approaches, the possibility of the player staying at FC Barcelona for the 2023/2024 season remains on the table.

Yes ok the future of the player in the Catalan team is uncertain, some reports suggest that his most likely destination would be in Serbia, if finally an agreement is not reached for his departure. The uncertainty around the player’s future has exacerbated the crisis that FC Barcelona is experiencing at the moment.

Possible destination in Serbia if no agreement is reached

The club is going through financial and sporting difficulties, and the lack of resolution in the player’s case only increases the pressure on the board and the coaching staff. That is why the threat of Nikola Mirotic staying at FC Barcelona has generated a new chapter in the crisis facing the club.

As negotiations with other teams break down, the possibility of the Spanish-Montenegrin player continuing in the Barça team for next season remains. And his fate remains uncertain, and if no deal is reached, Serbia could become his next destination. Fans and the sports community await a prompt resolution to this situation that has kept the world of football on edge.

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