The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mirex) announced this Wednesday the start of the modernization process of consular services abroad, with the opening of the procedure for hiring their outsourcing.

The institution explained that this process invites local and international companies to present their proposals to operate the reception of visa applicationsrenewal of passports and other consular procedures “that allow significant progress in the reduction of waiting times, improvement of communication channels and transparency in the income received”.

Likewise, Mirex affirmed that, after the experiences obtained by countries such as El Salvador, Italy, Guatemala and Spain, the government of the Dominican Republic seeks to significantly transform the way consular services are providedstarting with a pilot plan in six locations in the first year.

He added that, taking into account the results obtained with this pilot, it is intended to extend its application to more cities in order to have a management that takes advantage of the available tools around the efficiency that users demand.

The Dominican Republic currently has 47 consulates and 30 consular sections in the same number of embassies that serve a diaspora that exceeds two and a half million people, in addition to the visa procedures carried out by foreigners who move to the country for reasons Mainly work.

According to the Mirex, outsourcing services contributes to higher performance of designated officials“allowing a focus exclusively on its functions, overcoming discretion and guaranteeing standardization”.


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