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Mireia Belmonte: “I am excited to reach my fifth Games”

Mireia Belmonte:

In the act ‘One Year To Go’ driven by the Spanish Olympic Committee in collaboration with the Santander Bank has been activated Countdown to the start of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. One year after the Olympic event, Mireia Belmonte and Alejandro Blanco have appeared before the media to talk about the upcoming Games. Besides, at the end of the act they have staged said countdown starting the stopwatch that starts the countdown until Paris 2024.

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The final sprint to Paris

The Spanish He has not competed since last October, when he participated in the Berlin Short Course World Championships. From that moment on, a relapse of his shoulder injuryhas separated him from the following competitions. Mireia is not participating in the Swimming World Championships that are being disputed in Fukuoka, Japan and therefore you will have to look for the ticket to Paris from next year.

Belmonte has been focused on her preparation in the coming months. The woman from Badalona comments that He is very well and training with enthusiasm. “I am working so that the shoulder injury can disappear, and there is very little left for it.. I am fighting to reach my best form and reach my fifth Olympic Games”adds Mireia.

In addition, the Olympic champion has spoken about how have you dealt with your injury during this time: “Always It is important in an injury Be very patient and trust the process. The key is to have a lot of confidence in yourself and in what you are doing.” and is excited for the future “lThe date of training 100% is getting closer every day”.

An icon of Spanish sport

Mireia, asked by the director of marketing, sustainability and human resources of the COE, Manuel Parra, has remembered the Tokyo 2020 Games. The Catalan swimmer has commented that remember them with special affectionplacing special emphasis on the moment of the inaugural ceremony in which she was a flag bearer together with the canoeist Saúl Craviotto. From that moment he remembers the following: “It was an experience I will never forget even though it goes by too fast. It was brief but intense”.

The 32-year-old athlete also made reference to the fact of getting to the top of the Spanish Olympism in Paris. Mireia is one medal away from equaling David Cal and Saúl Craviotto as the Spanish athletes with the most medals in the history of the Olympic Games. Belmonte does not hide his desire to achieve it but downplays it at this time of recovery: “I would be excited to get a medal and equal David Cal and Saúl, but my first objective is to qualify for the Games and reach a good level of shape to show my best version. Step by Step”.

Alejandro Blanco, optimistic for the Games

The president of the COE, after praise Mireia Belmonte: “You are not only a national benchmark, but you you are a benchmark of world swimming. I thank you for who you are and what you represent”, spoke about the possibilities of Spain in the next Olympic event. Alexander White showed his great confidence for Paris 2024. “No year had he talked about predicting medals, but the results that are being obtained in an atypical cycle with only three years they are extraordinary. For example, in the Krakow European Games have been achieved 57 medals”. Undoubtedly a very encouraging figure, which invites us to think that Spain can surpass its historical record, the 22 medals of Barcelona 92.

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The 22 medals must be overcome to maintain the prestige of Spanish sport. We are realistic but also optimistic. The history of Spanish sport is impressive but there are still many beautiful pages to be written”, concluded the president of the Spanish Olympic Committee.


The question of sustainability has involved the entire act. Both Mireia Belmonte and Alejandro Blanco have spoken about the importance of achieving a sustainable sports space and that events acquire this characteristic. The first expressed that the competition should be made as sustainable as possible with a view to leave a better planet to the citizens of the future, while the second scontinued in the same line and commented the following:Sustainable events, the future is there. All companies and people are worried about what we are going to leave to the next generations”. Besides, the director of online marketing media and sponsorships of Banco Santander Spain, Felipe Martín, he was very proud to be able to support the Spanish Olympic sport and added that itThe benchmark in sustainability is always sought.

The three of them were the protagonists in charge at the end of the act of press the button to give the starting signal for the countdown of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. A quote that Mireia Belmonte is looking forward to and? Spain wait meet their objectives with the challenge of Barcelona 92 ​​on the horizon.

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