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Miravia begins applying AI to product descriptions

Miravia also relies on generative AI. Now Alibaba-owned marketplace has started using this technology Generate and publish descriptions of your products. In a post on the social network Juan González Villa, SEO consultantcommented on the message and stated that with this label Miravia is excluded from liability if the description is not accurate.and forwards it to the seller, who is responsible for approving the summary generated by artificial intelligence.

The consultant also noted that when conducting a Google search with the keyword “site:miravia.es ‘generated by AI’”, “About 1,200 Miravia product results appear with such descriptions«, indicating that Miravia makes extensive use of AI technology to create its product catalog descriptions, regardless of their type or category.

As we saw, click on the question mark next to the label “Information created by AI”the following message appears:

«Information Generated by AI: Artificial intelligence has generated the key advantages, features and advantages of this item, so that you can get all the information easily and quickly and make a better decision when purchasing.

Disclaimer: This content was generated using ChatGPT, without human intervention from Miravia and with the sole validation of the seller. Miravia makes no warranties (express, implied, statutory or otherwise) as to the content, its completeness, reliability or accuracy and disclaims all warranties, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, satisfactory or unsatisfactory quality -Violation«.

For example, in the description of yoga shorts, only the two features “seamless” and “sexy” are displayed, words that also appear in the product title:

Race for AI

The Generative AI It is used in numerous e-commerce and marketplaces to provide a better user experience. In fact, we learned in mid-August that Amazon was testing a generative AI tool for sellers that creates copy for product listings, a company spokesperson confirmed to The Information. Specific, This tool allows sellers to create titles, descriptions, and highlights for their products. Additionally, they can also include keywords that describe their products and the AI ​​will respond with a possible title and details for the listing.

The company is led by Andy Jassy It was also recently announced that it is developing one AI-based damaged item detection system during the packaging process so that they are taken out of service and do not reach the customer.

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