Miravia and Witailer announce an agreement

Witailer has announced a cooperation agreement with Miravia Alibaba Marketplace, with the aim of helping companies launch and grow their brands on the platform. As they explain in a statement, Miravia represents a great opportunity for companies looking to expand their market reach. In this sense they point out: “Witailer stands out as an important strategic ally, guiding brands to the market through a comprehensive range of specialized solutions and services«.

We are fully committed to supporting brands on their path to success on Miravia. Our experience, commitment and tailored solutions are designed to bring companies to the forefront of global e-commerce“, explained Alessandro Sgobba, Country Manager Spain and Customer Strategist at Witailer.

“At Miravia, our added value has always been to support brands with a 360° approach. Thanks to our collaboration with Witailer, brands now have access to more tools and support to succeed on our platform,” he emphasizes. Yann Fontaine, CEO of Miravia.

Witailer uses data from other marketplaces and its own tools Help brands accurately estimate revenue and costs, which “will enable companies to plan effectively and make informed decisions as they venture into the Miravia market“. Likewise, Witailer will strengthen the brand image by designing power images and banners, optimizing content for the public, thereby providing a “simple and efficient” shopping experience. They point out: “This results in better CTR (click-through rate), larger number of followers, and gradual conversion rate, all without any additional effort from the brand“.

Witailer will also create strategies Advertising and advertising that identify the areas that are best highlighted and offer marketing opportunities to the products. Likewise, by using the data provided by Miravia and the data provided by its own tools, the Agency will monitor the performance of the brand accounts in order to optimize their results in the market.

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