Home Sports Mirandés takes a heart attack game against Lugo in Anduva

Mirandés takes a heart attack game against Lugo in Anduva

Mirandés takes a heart attack game against Lugo in Anduva

The Mirandés scored three valuable points after beating Lugo in Anduva (3-2). The rojillos turned around Carrillo’s initial goal with three goals in the second half. He began by sending the albivermello box that prowled the local area in the first bars. It is true that without generating clear occasions. Cuéllar was about to take advantage of Meseguer’s gift in the exit of the ball, but finally his shot tripped in a defender. The boar team shook their dominance as the minutes passed. Álex López picked up a dead ball in the front. However, the Catalan player failed to direct his shot that escaped wide.

Shortly after, the attempt was carried out by Simón who stole the ball in the center of the field. Behind the wall with camel, the Huelva attacker executed a hard shot that Fran Vieites repelled as best he could. When Mirandés got closer to the Galician goal, the visiting goal arrived and again in one of the red woes. Hugo Rama executed the corner and Carrillo headed the leather to the net after rising above its par (0-1). The red box tried to react with the encouragement of its fans. Simón could tie in an individual action, but his hitting went up.

Lugo followed his own thing on the Anduva lawn and at each arrival he always gave a feeling of danger. Lizoain caught Cuéllar’s forced shot who managed to gain a foothold in the local defense. Before the break, Camel tried his luck from the front. His pitch slipped past the right post. The second half could not have started in a better way for Mirandés. ‘Roro’ Riquelme assisted Álex López who, with a tight shot, equalized the contest (1-1).

The goal gave wings to the rojillos who gave greater speed to the game after the break. Camel flipped the scoreboard with a cross shot. The Madrid striker took advantage of a new service from ‘Roro’ Riquelme to beat the Lugo goal (2-1). The game was encouraged. The albivermello team did not give their arm to twist. He tied minutes later with Joselu’s target that made effective the assistance of Cuéllar (2-2). Without time to assimilate the tables, ‘Roro’ Riquelme executed a lateral free kick that crashed into the post and Camel, very attentive, riveted the ball to the tights (3-2). With this victory, the Mirandés takes air in the classification like Lolo Escobar who breathes a little calmer.

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