Miralba Ruiz, Cheddy García and Karla Fatule, in disagreement with Wason Brazobán

As expected, the opinion of Wason Brazoban on gender equality provoked comments from figures such as Miralba Ruiz, Cheddy García, Karla Fatule, Vladimir Jáquez, Selinée Méndez, Rossalba Molina, Yanely Acosta and Santiago Matías, who mostly disagreed.

Among his many publications on this topic, where he confessed to being macho, The Dominican artist assured that he does not dare to propose to a woman to pay half the bill on a date and that he does not imagine finding dirty dishes in his house to have to wash them after arriving from a concert, since he understands that “the man who is joseando in the street, He doesn’t have time for those sinks.”

Given this, Miralba Ruiz reacted incredulously that it was the singer-songwriter himself who wrote the texts on his Instagram account and commented: “It seems that this IG was hacked. The man who promotes an independent woman It cannot be the same one that refuses to collaborate at home. There is a mistake.”

Meanwhile, Cheddy García, who has always shared his position against songs with explicit content with Brazobán, on this occasion, ‘La mamá del humor’ explained that for the woman who works it is also difficult to do household chores.

“Dear brother, we do not agree there, it is also ugly to see a woman explode, from working on the street joseando the weight, to get to face the chores alone,” said the actress.

On the other hand, Karla Fatule considered the statement of ‘El cantautor del pueblo’ to be “ignorant” and alarming, using red flag emoticons that refer to the red flag anglicism (behaviors that a person should be careful of in a relationship).

“How much ignorance in a publication. This is definitely a man’s (red flag),” Fatule said.

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On the other hand, Brazobán’s words aroused opinions from influencers Rossalba Molina, Yanely Acosta and Santiago Matías and from communicators Vladimir Jáquez and Selinée Méndez.

Unlike the other personalities, Santiago Matías (Alofoke) agreed with Brazobán and wrote: “The best”.

“The search for livelihood and economic advancement of the family It is a duty that a man and a woman must share, the same as the tasks associated with caring for the home and children. If you both see it that way, you’ll be able to get along better, you’ll advance faster, and you’ll set an excellent example for your children. Also, if they both work insurance, they will be able to pay for a service to help them”, Jaquéz.

“How do I explain it to you … I work in an engineering office and I am not telling you that engineers negotiate 10 million pesos, I tell you that they negotiate billions of dollars and each one of them He comes home to scrub, change pampers and wash because in the USA this is something very very commonone of the directors who earns more than 400 thousand green, arrives at the office at 6 am and says that every day before leaving he makes sure to wash up before leaving so that when his wife wakes up he does not start the day more , because she will have much more worries than him with the children and the house”, Acosta.

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