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Mir: “If I were Augusto, I would forget about Ogura a bit”

Mir: “If I were Augusto, I would forget about Ogura a bit”

Each driver goes their own way on a weekend of competition, but they also carry within them a racing fan who is interested in the results of other drivers and categories, especially when there are titles at stake. It is the case of Joan Mir, twice world champion, MotoGP and Moto3, who knows perfectly well what Augusto Fernández and Francesco Bagnaia are going through right now. The Majorcan gets wet…

“The outcome of Moto2 is interesting. Ogura made a huge mistake and I think the Moto2 race is going to be very exciting. For MotoGP, Pecco has it very, very well. If he has a normal weekend, he’s more than done and I think Saturday will be a decisive day for the two of them”, begins by saying a Mir who is reminded that one of his idols was Rossi and he lost precisely in Valencia, in 2006, a title that he took for granted. In this regard, he says: “I did see that race and it is clear that all this can happen, but we will agree that Pecco has it very well, right?”

When asked to put himself in Augusto’s shoes, he says: “You know what happens, when you go to mark someone, sometimes riders come from behind. Augusto has shown that he has a very good pace on all the circuits. If you have a good weekend, you have it good. What happens is that managing all this is complicated. If I were him, I would go out for a weekend of his own and that’s it, forget about Ogura a bit. Later. In the race it is clear that you have to go with a point less perhaps. If he doesn’t go 100 percent, he’s not going to win it.”

And when reminded that, when he won the MotoGP title in 2020, there were people who did not give him the credit he deserved because they said it was a strange World Championship, he says when asked if he thinks the same thing may be happening with Bagnaia, for having so many Ducati on his side, and also the Academy VR46, which “Whoever says that Pecco has no merit in winning this World Championship, if he wins it, is that he has no idea about motorcycles. Whoever says that a world champion has no merit for having won is that he has no idea about motorcycles or sports in general. To win a year is to manage many things well. It’s not like we won and disappeared. We won and were third the following year. It must have been another atypical year too, surely. I don’t give importance to people who belittle the work of others”.

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