Home Sports Ministry of Sports together with two foundations unite for health in Moca

Ministry of Sports together with two foundations unite for health in Moca

Ministerio de Deportes junto a dos fundaciones se unen por la salud en Moca

The Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, led in this municipality a donation of hundreds of medicines to various First Level Care Centers (CPNA) in the Espaillat province that exceeds 39 million pesos.

The Ministry of Sports and Recreation (Miderec) supported an initiative managed by the foundations ConelPueblo.Com, chaired by Soranlly Peralta, and Buen Samaritano, directed by Robert Espaillat, which operate in this province, as well as the management of the Social Policy Office, through the director of Health Policy, Guillermo Moringlane.

The three entities visited eight CPNAs to distribute 39.1 million pesos in medical supplies.

These centers are in Palma Herrada, Juan López, Club Francisco, in San Víctor (it works in this place temporarily due to being under repair), La Hermita, Los Pancho, Sal Si Puedes and Viejo Puerto Rico. The idea is to favor more than 40 centers in this province.

"What we have served as a channel for this to reach the province of Espaillat"Camacho said. "I have always said that sport, health and education go hand in hand".

Within the list of medical supplies, digital thermometers, medicines for goiter patients, anti-allergies, omeprasol, medicines against cholesterol, skin inflammations, appetite stimulants, against osteoporosis and prenatal multivitamins were donated.

"Being an official means solving problems"Camacho added.

"We hope that it is for the best (the donation) and that it is put to good use. We are contributing our grain of sand"said Kelvin Peralta, vice president of the ConelPueblo.Com Foundation and who spoke on behalf of President Soranlly Peralta.

"We greatly appreciate this gesture from a man born here"said doctor Espaillat when referring to Camacho.

Present throughout the tour were doctors José Jerez Camacho, in charge of the Provincial Department of the Espaillat Life Course Department; Yudelka Collado, Provincial Health Director of the Espaillat province; the manager Karina Caraballo, from the National Health Service, and Claris Cepeda, from the Regional Health Directorate; among others.

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