The Ministry of Labor carried out a general inspection this Friday at the facilities of the KINGTON ALUMINUM company, where it found violations of the law, including abusive practices that endanger the lives of workers.

Different violations were verified in terms of minimum wages, overtime, lack of a safety and health committee at work, weekly rest, non-payment of vacation wages, non-enjoyment of vacations and excessive working hours. All consigned in 56 minutes raised in the last four visits to its facilities.

A team of occupational health and safety inspectors, analysts, and technicians from this Ministry reported that each time the company was inspected, it presented resistance, making it impossible to carry out the investigation, putting the workers in a vulnerable condition, which required the support of the public force.

Upon being notified of the company’s situation, the Minister of Labor Luis Miguel De Camps García reiterated that: “Our commitment is and will always be to ensure compliance with the law and respect for the rights of all workers, without exception. ”.

The Ministry of Labor is the highest administrative authority in everything related to relations between employers and workers, and the maintenance of normality in production activities in the Dominican Republic.

This role is exercised by labor inspectors, who have the constitutional legal power to enter any company to carry out labor investigations.


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