Ministry of Culture extends the reception of the works for the 2021 Annual Music Awards

In its interest to promote the artistic creation of Dominican composers, the Ministry of Culture extended until November 26 the date of receipt of the works that will compete for the 2021 Annual Music Awards, Merengue edition.

This version, which will be dedicated to merengue and which will perform a posthumous tribute to the legendary Johnny Ventura, had scheduled the closing of its call for this October 31. However, the entity has extended the deadline to make it easier for authors to present their works, encouraging greater participation, and thereby reaffirming the institutional commitment to local artistic projection.

On this occasion, the dedication to merengue obeys the institutional strategies to revalue our national rhythm, in order to promote its projection worldwide. Culture takes up this initiative, which had not been held since 2015, as a way of offering strong support to the national artistic community.

The winner of each category will receive a RD $ 250,000 award, in addition to an accrediting diploma and the dissemination of the award-winning work by the orchestras attached to the Ministry of Culture, during the first year after the award.

Previously, the cash prize that the winners received was RD $ 150 thousand, increasing in this edition RD $ 100 thousand to each category.

Referring to the award, the Deputy Minister of Creativity and Artistic Training, Giovanny Cruz, stated that it has been decided to extend the delivery period of the participating works because a large number of composers have asked the institution for more time to complete the process of its creation. “We want to highlight that our Minister Milagros Germán decided to considerably increase the economic amount previously established, based on the special situation experienced by artists all over the planet, and the importance of the awards,” added the official.

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On the foundations
In the 2021 edition, the composers who present an unpublished musical work will be awarded, which, from its musical base, includes rhythms, instruments or melodies used in the Dominican merengue and that constitutes an outstanding and innovative contribution to that genre.

This contest covers two modalities and five categories. In the line of classical music, the José Reyes Annual Music Prize will be awarded in symphonic or choral music, and the Juan Francisco García Annual Music Prize in chamber music.

In the popular music section, the Luis Alberti Annual Music Prize will be awarded in the dance music category, the Tavito Vásquez Annual Music Prize in pop, rock or jazz music, and the Fradique Lizardo Annual Music Prize in folk music.

The works will be received by the Department of Interinstitutional Liaison of the Ministry of Culture. For more details, the contest rules are available on the ministry’s website (


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