The Ministry of Culture formally presented the 2021 Annual Music Awards during an activity led by the Minister of Culture, Milagros Germán, in the institution’s ministerial hall.

Highlighting the importance of these awards, Germán stressed that the process for rescuing this award was successfully concluded, as well as that “we managed to increase its endowment and we are satisfied with the quantity and quality of the more than 46 works that participated in the modalities classic and popular.

The official pointed out that the winners in the different categories received an endowment of RD$250,000, as well as a diploma accrediting the corresponding award.

Additionally, the winning works will be broadcast for a year by the orchestras attached to the ministry, he added.

In the line of dance music, the Luis Alberti Annual Prize was awarded to Miguel Andrés Tejada, who participated under the pseudonym “Luis Alberti”, for his work Fruit of my land.

The laureate was also the winner in the chamber music category under the pseudonym “Juan Luis”, for his work Variations on a theme by Juan Luis Guerra. On behalf of the winner, the award was received by his mother, Petronila Genao.

Similarly, in the line of symphonic or choral music, the José Reyes Annual Prize was awarded to Joel Díaz Suero, who participated under the pseudonym “Valdivieso”, for his work Concertino for clarinet and orchestra.

Finally, the Tavito Vásquez Annual Music Award for pop, rock or jazz music was awarded to Manuel Tejada, who presented himself under the pseudonym “Aldaba”, for the work Caribana.

All the works were chosen unanimously by the selection jury, chaired by the master José Antonio Molina and made up of Alaima González, José Jacobo Sánchez, José de Jesús Sánchez and José Fernández Zapata.

In this edition of the awards, which was dedicated to merengue, 49 works participated and composers were awarded who, thanks to their unpublished works with a rhythmic base in this genre, contribute innovative and valuable melodies to preserve the Dominican national rhythm.

Minister Milagros Germán took advantage of the occasion to also announce the redemption of the annual prize related to the theme of the Dominican carnival, now baptized with the name of the Luis Días Annual Prize.

This prize, which has not been convened for some years, rewards musical compositions alluding to the national carnival and pays tribute to the Dominican composer Luis Días, creator of the renowned piece Baila en la calle.

The bases of the contest will be reported by the different media.

“The prizes will be awarded through a jury decision that will be chosen by the Ministry of Culture,” Germán pointed out.



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