“We are going to take a lot of steps forward,” said Minister Van Gennip of Social Affairs to the Council of Ministers on questions about the relaxation of the corona measures.

Today is the first ‘regular’ meeting of the new cabinet. And tonight is also the first press conference of Health Minister Kuipers.

Like other ministers, Van Gennip did not want to anticipate the precise measures. She did say that tomorrow versus today there will really be a difference and it will be incremental.

Yesterday it already leaked that people can go by appointment again from tomorrow in non-essential shops and, for example, also at the hairdresser. Universities and colleges and MBO are also allowed to teach physically again and more is also possible in sports.

metal fatigue

Many ministers expressed their understanding for the concerns of many sectors and mayors, and emphasized that all interests are weighed up. Minister Kuipers reiterated that this is not only about access to care, but also about education and many other aspects. He referred to the press conference that he and Prime Minister Rutte are giving tonight for the measures: “But we must first discuss it in the cabinet.”

Minister Dijkgraaf of Education emphasized that everyone sees that we are in a difficult time. “But we hope that we will soon be in a better situation.” He has also talked a lot with young people: “They have had a lot of resilience over the past two years. But you can also feel that a kind of metal fatigue is coming in that resilience.”


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