Minister’s helicopter crash victim, how did John survive?

The Federal Minister of Madagascar’s helicopter crashed into the sea, after which the Minister saved his life by swimming for 12 hours continuously.

According to the report of the foreign news agency, the helicopter of the Federal Minister posted for the Police Department in Madagascar had crashed in the air of the sea during an operation. He managed to swim for several hours and reach the shore.

Federal Minister Serge Gale’s helicopter also had two more police officers who narrowly escaped the crash.

According to the report, Federal Minister Serge Gale became a minister in August this year.

Serge Gale asked his video makers to show the video to family, friends and government members, adding that it was not time for him to die.

Police Chief Zafisambatra Raowe said Serge Gale used a helicopter seat as a flotation device.

He said that due to his interest in sports, Serge Gale maintained his rhythm like a thirty year old boy, his nerves are like steel.

He said Serge Gale had served in the police force for three decades before being appointed minister in August. According to Madagascar police officials, the cause of the helicopter crash has not yet been determined.

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