Minister of Labor advocates exploiting the potential of “green jobs”

The Labor Minister, Luis Miguel de Camps Garciaadvocated for the country to exploit its potential in creating green jobsand in these more participation is given to women.

By sharing the experiences and plans of the Dominican Republic, andThe official highlighted the country’s capacity to create green jobs in fundamental areas for development such as agriculture, livestock, construction and tourism.

“Our country has the capacity to make more than 400 thousand jobs transit to become green jobsbut above all, we can do it without this becoming an object of exclusion for workers”, the labor minister pointed out.

The official also referred to the nearly 78 million jobs in Latin America linked to the bioeconomy, of which he criticized that only about 20 million are exercised by women. “If we want to talk about equality, this is an issue we have to address,” she emphasized.

He highlighted the efforts of the Dominican government to implement the National Pact for Green Professional Technical Trainingan initiative that aims to train both men and women in all these areas.

Minister De Camps García was a panelist at the Global Deal Forum, organized by the OECD.

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