Minister of Defense is sworn in CO of Games of Armed Forces and Police

Ministro de defensa juramenta CO de Juegos de Fuerzas Armadas y Policía

The Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa, ERD, swore in the members of the Organizing Committee of version 52 of the Sports Games of the Armed Forces and the National Police

Lieutenant General Díaz Morfa swore in the members of the CIDEFAPON Board of Directors, headed by Brigadier General Delio B. Colón Rosario, ERD, who is its president.

The activity was carried out in the office of the Minister, after a delegation from CIDEFAPON was present at the raising of the national canvas together with the flags of the military institutions.

Those responsible for setting up and ensuring the proper development of this event, which is provisionally scheduled to begin on February 8, are: Rear Admiral Anthony Manuel T. Jiminian Objio, ARD, President and Colonel Joran J. Báez Fernández, ERD. Vice president.

The lawyer colonel, Miguel Ángel Ramos Brito, FARD, is the General Secretary; the accountant lieutenant colonel, Pedro Juan Gil Vásquez, FARD. , will serve as treasurer.

The committee is completed by the members: José L. Díaz, Lieutenant Colonel ERD.; Carlos Benito Queliz Calcagno, captain of the ship, ARD.; Pablo Jesus Encarnacion, FARD. and Ricardo Yunes David, lieutenant colonel PN.

Captain Juan Salas De la Cruz, ARD., is the Sports Advisor. The medical frigate captain, Máximo Ant. Rosa Carvajal, ARD., Medical Director; Kelvin A. Peña Corporán, FARD, Senior Aviation Technician, Technical Director; Victor A. Paulino Cruceta, captain, FARD. Records Manager; María Alt. García Cáceres, Second Lieutenant, ERD. In charge of Protocol and Julio Valdez, FARD, Assimilated military journalist, in charge of the press.

Immediately the sworn in assumed their functions and began the work for the assembly of the event.


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