Minister of Agriculture attributes rises in banana prices to a tornado and Hurricane Fiona

The Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, explained on Thursday the factors that reflected a rise in the price of bananas for this week.

Through a publication on his Twitter account, Cruz expressed that the increase in the value of these products is due to the increase in low temperatures that reduce their production and performance.

He also added that two phenomena: a tornado that affected the area with the highest production of this food and Hurricane Fiona.

“These phenomena affected us powerfully; However, we have planted more than usual and, starting next month, the recovery will begin and we will have an abundance of bananas at fair prices.”posted the official on this social network.

Citizens have made their complaints through digital platforms about the increase in the price of bananas in supermarkets and grocery stores, where they are among the RD$25 and RD45 the unit regardless of whether they are green or ripe.

The minister specified that in La Vega, Moca and Salcedo, which are the areas with the highest banana production, they were affected in 2022 by the strong winds of a tornado.

While, for the month of September, productions suffered damage due to the effects of Hurricane Fiona, affecting nearly eight provinces in its path, some of them dedicated to the planting of this food.

"I want to tell the country that we have planted more bananas than we are accustomed to, which means that with the recovery of the banana plantations, which began slowly and that in the coming months the planting that we have done will increase, we are going to have plenty of banana"Cruz told the press, during a visit he made to Samaná.

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The price of bananas has risen these days as a result of the low temperatures that reduce production and yield and the effects of two phenomena: first a strong tornado in the areas with the highest production and then Hurricane Fiona.

— Limber L. Cruz López (@limbercruzl) January 5, 2023



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