Minimum wage increase awaits employer proposal

He business sector has not yet submitted any proposals for the increase in the minimum wages of companies in the non-sectorized private sector, despite the fact that three meetings have been held after the trade unions have convened the National Wage Committee (CNS) and the Minister of Labor has shown himself to in favor of an increase that exceeds the adjustment for inflation.

The president of the National Central of Dominican Workers (CNTD), Jacobo Ramos stated that if the businessmen do not present their proposal at the next meeting, they will define a mobilization plan throughout the country.

“We warned in the last call, which was last week, that if they do not bring a proposal to the next meeting, we are going to convene the union table and we are necessarily going to discuss an action plan for the mobilization of workers throughout the country”, assured Ramos in statements to Listín Diario.

He affirmed that the employer sector, with this tactic, what it seeks is to gain time so as not to produce the increase as it has been proposed.or, “beyond adjustment for inflation.” He added that they are waiting for the CNS to make the next call to request the Government to make a proposal and from this start the discussion.

Jacobo Ramos indicated that the expectations of the union sector regarding the increase in the minimum wages of non-sectorized companies are difficult to explain because three meetings have been held and the employer sector has not shown interest in putting forward a proposal.

The trade unionist warned that the employer sector applies delaying tactics to postpone the urgent increase in minimum wages to improve the purchasing power of workersgiven the increase in the cost of the basic basket and in general, the cost of living.

Since the beginning of the year, the union centrals called the National Wage Committee with the proposal that the readjustment of the minimum wages of non-sectorized companies be 35% and that it not be subject to an adjustment for inflation.

Minister of Labor
When participating in the IV Ibero-American Conference of Ministers of Labor, the Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel De Camps, stated that the country should focus on a pact for decent real wages where minimum wages can be increased in a sustainable and constant manner.

Every two years
This 2023 corresponds, according to what is established in the Labor Code, the review of the minimum wages of companies in the non-sectorized private sector. The labor law provides that every two years the salary rates of the sectors that converge in the economy are reviewed and these must be adjusted as the cost of living varies, taking into account the cost of the family basket.

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