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Minimotín to Laporta: they ask for the dismissal of Koeman

As reported by TV3 and AS was able to confirm, several members of the Board of Directors chaired by Joan Laporta and who met this Thursday, have asked for the immediate dismissal of Ronald Koeman. For now, the president has not given his arm to twist, even if he does not believe in the coach. Koeman has a contract in force until June 2022. Barça should face severance pay and find a part that, at this moment, does not exist. Jordi Cruyff, Laporta’s advisor, is absolutely reluctant to be placed in a position in which he would replace a personal friend of the family, and Laporta does not consider Sergi Barjuan, the subsidiary’s technician, trained to take charge of the first team at this time. In Qatar, always wait Xavi, but if he did not come at the beginning of the season, it is hard to believe that he did it in a difficult situation and with the course already started.

Koeman’s figure, yes, has been weakened after the 0-3 against Bayern. This has allowed some members of the Board, some with very little knowledge of football and guided more by passion than anything else, have openly asked for their dismissal. A cage of crickets, the Barça Board, with 18 members: Rafael Yuste, Maria Elena Fort, Ferran Olivé, Josep Maria Albert, Xavier Barbany, Miquel Camps, Alfons Castro, Josep Cubells, Antonio Escudero, Juli Guiu, Jordi Llauradó, Josep Ignasi Macià, Aureli Mas, Xavier Puig, Àngel Riudalbàs, Eduard Romeu, Joan Solé and Joan Soler. Too many to agree.

TV3 released the news in the early afternoon. ANDhe executive power of the members of the Barça Board of Directors is minimal. Laporta will be the one to decide and, for that, he relies on Rafa Yuste; Mateu alemany, who is the director of football and is not part of the Board; and Ramon Planes, technical secretary. Laporta and Yuste don’t believe in Koeman. Alemany and Planes believe that it is a lesser evil in the current situation of the club. But it is significant that since the beginning of the course there is no quorum in Barça and that the figure of the coach is questioned from within. What is clear is that Koeman is on the wire and that in the Board, from the first hour, there are cracks in the speech and leaks that fly at the speed of light.

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