Millions of tomatoes were scattered on the highway

A truck loaded with tomatoes collided with two vehicles on the highway in the US state of California, as a result of which millions of tomatoes were scattered on the road.

According to the New York Times report, more than 150,000 tomatoes were scattered 200 feet away after falling from the truck and turned the entire highway red.

The tragic accident happened early in the morning due to which other vehicles did not know about the scattering of tomatoes on the road and they continued to travel, during which 7 vehicles collided due to slippage.

According to the police, three persons were slightly injured in the traffic accident, who were discharged after providing medical aid, while one person’s leg was broken.

According to police officials, the highway was closed for traffic after the accident and was opened for traffic after cleaning.

The Louis Valley Metro Police Department shared photos on social media and wrote, ‘People should avoid traveling on the highway until the accident scene is cleared.’

Keep in mind that more than 90% of America’s tomatoes are produced in the state of California.

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