Millions are forced to labor in the fields on the pretense of employment abroad

MADRID: An organized gang has been prosecuted in Spain for extorting millions of euros from migrants by promising them lucrative jobs, which they later forced to work in fields.

According to the international website, the police in Madrid, the Spanish capital, said that the operation was carried out against a large but well-organized group, which took advantage of the constraints of immigrants in the country illegally and coordinated their financing. was exploiting.

According to the police, 43 suspects belonging to this group have been arrested who extorted millions of Euros by promising immigrants a bright future and great jobs.

This fraud was carried out by migrants who mostly arrived in Spain by taking an unsafe sea route from Morocco, but among these victims were also migrants who arrived in Spain by other routes and those from Asian and African countries. Included.

Madrid police say that members of this group took 3,000 euros each from such migrants, promising them great jobs and even getting them to sign fake employment contracts to show off.

The work that these immigrants were later forced to do was as agricultural laborers in the fields, which was paid very little due to the fact that the immigrants were living illegally in Spain.

Investigations carried out so far have revealed that members of the group were complicit in extorting slave-like labor from their immigrant victims, and often forced such foreigners to survive in inhumane conditions.

It should be noted that Aspen is the most important destination for migrants wishing to reach Europe illegally due to its geography, with most migrants arriving via unsafe boats from Morocco in North Africa.

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These immigrants are not all Moroccan or African citizens, but they include a large number of citizens of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and other South Asian countries, as well as residents of various countries in the Middle East, who travel through North Africa. They risk their lives to reach Europe.

According to Spanish authorities, more than 31,000 migrants from North Africa entered Spain illegally in 2022, most of them by boat from Morocco.

There is also a large number of Pakistani immigrants living in Spain, including those who do not have legal residence permits.

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