Millionaires buy lottery by borrowing

A few weeks ago, 11 women from the state of Haryana decided to buy a lottery ticket worth Rs 250. But no one could afford to spend Rs 250 alone. As a result, a lottery can be bought by paying about Rs.23 per person. One of them borrows Rs. 25 from the other. This is what happened. They all won 10 crore rupees in the lottery.

Indian media NDTV reported this information in a report on Thursday.

The lottery draw was held last Wednesday. Those 11 women won. They won 10 crore rupees in lottery as prize. Each of them is now ‘almost a millionaire’ with one ticket.

11 women who won Rs 10 crore in lottery are members of Harit Karma Sena project of Parappanongadi municipality in Kerala state. Harit Karma Sena collects inorganic waste from homes and various institutions. They get a nominal salary from the municipal authorities. Many of them are the only bread earners in the family.

Radha, one of the 11 women, bought the lottery by borrowing it from a colleague. Reacting to winning the lottery, Radha said, ‘Before this we all bought tickets together. But we have never won the lottery before. This time I won the first lottery, that too 10 crore rupees.

Another woman who won the lottery said that they were eagerly waiting for the lottery draw. But one of them said that one from neighboring Palakkad district won the first prize. Later when I found out that we had won the first prize, the joy knew no bounds. We all have stressful lives. Winning this lottery will solve many problems.

Sheeja, the chairman of the project called Harit Karma Sena, said that all these women who won the lottery are very hardworking. Many are the sole breadwinners in their families. These women had a hard life. Fortune favors the deserving.

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