Millionaire fine to TikTok for using data of minors

TikTok returns to controversy. The UK Information Commissioner’s Office fined the social network £12.7m (€14.4 million) for a series of violations against the data protection law.

Illegal use of personal data of minors

The breaches include the illegal use of personal data of minors. The British digital regulator ICO assured that TikTok allowed even 1.4 million children in the United Kingdom under the age of 13 will open an account on the platform in 2020.

For its part, TikTok failed to properly recognize or remove those under 13. According to the watchdog, although it knew the children were on the platform, the company also did not obtain consent from their parents or guardians to process the use of their data, which violated its own terms of service statement.

This fine comes after the prohibition of the application to civil servants by the European Commission. The measure was issued last March and had to be applied even by the ministers. The restrictions affected the mobile phones and other corporate devices for cybersecurity reasons regarding personal data.

This initiative was similar to the one launched a few months ago by the United States Government. In this way, they pointed out that TikTok was a Chinese Trojan horse to spy onshowing misgivings about applications and technology products of Chinese origin among Western authorities due to data security risks.

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