Military leadership conflict behind conflict in Sudan

A power struggle between Sudan’s military and paramilitary forces has destabilized the country. More than 56 civilians have been killed so far in the fighting between the two sides.

In the capital, Khartoum, the two rival forces are fighting over control of the presidential palace, state television and army headquarters. News from BBC and Al Jazeera.

The conflict erupted amid tensions over a proposed plan to restore civilian rule in Sudan. Both the army and its rival Rapid Support Forces (RSF) claim control of the airport and other key facilities in the capital, Khartoum. Fighting has been going on in these places throughout the night.

Heavy gunfire was also heard in Khartoum’s neighboring town of Omdarman and another nearby town, Bahri, in the early hours of Sunday. The army said the warplanes were attacking RSF bases.

Residents of Khartoum told the BBC that they are in fear. One said that the house next to him was being shot at. A committee of Sudanese doctors said at least 56 civilians were killed in the country’s various regions and cities. Among them 12 soldiers were killed. A total of 595 people were injured.

Sudan has been governed by a General Council since a coup d’état in October 2021. At the center of the conflict are two military men, who now seek to defeat each other at any cost. General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan is the head of the armed forces and de facto president of the country. His deputy and RSF leader General Mohammad Hamdan Dagalo. They differ on where the country is headed and the proposed steps towards civilian rule.

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