Milestone in speleology: Beatriz Flamini concludes her 500-day challenge locked in a cave

This Friday, April 14, the incredible speleology adventure carried out by Beatriz Flamini has concluded, since she will conclude her challenge of being locked in a cave in Granada for 500 dayss without any contact with the outside world since this challenge began on November 20, 2021, a world record.

A challenge that Flamini, a senior sports technician and low and medium mountain guide, explained this way on his social networks before starting this challenge just two days later. “Logbook. Neither alone nor in self-sufficiency. On Saturday, November 20, she sets sail again on a voyage that will last 500 days. For the first time, ‘Alone and self-sufficient’ has a GREAT TECHNICAL AND HUMAN TEAM in charge of the assistance and safety of this sporting experience. Without them, none of this is being possible. See you again in April/May 2023. See you in the mountains.”

Flamini’s Incredible Challenge it will be possible to live through a documentary under the name of ‘TimeCave’, since the adventurer has been recounting day by day how her challenge has been through recordings made with a GoPro camera and whose cards have been deposited at an intermediate point to be picked up by members of your team.

According to the Ideal newspaper of Granadaduring this time Beatriz Flamini has needed about one and a half tons of material and food to survive in the cave, in addition to 1,000 liters of water. 500 days in which the adventurer has also taken the opportunity to read nearly 60 books in a challenge in which the University of Granada and the University of Almería have also participated.

Beatriz Flamini’s challenge is expected to conclude this Friday, after 500 days incommunicado in a cave in which will see the light again in an incredible experience that once again pushes the limit of the human being.

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