Milei sweeps Spain: This is how the Argentines living in our country voted

The Argentinians abroad made clear use of their right to vote in the most recent second round of elections. It is estimated that approx 436,000 Argentinians are eligible to vote from different countries around the world. Highlights USA as the country with the largest number of Argentine residents eligible to vote, followed by Spain, which has done so 85,388 Citizens called on people to take part in this election.

The places with the highest concentration of Argentine voters in the register include Barcelonawith 47,071 registered, and Madridwith 34,992. In the Spanish capital, hundreds of Argentines waited nearby Colegio Mayor de Argentina, in University City, before tables open. The Message Argentina’s was also an important electoral point for the community.

The Argentine Consul General in Madrid, Daniel Plaza, announced that the expectations according to the Mission was high, with similar or higher numbers expected than the first round. In October, a record historic voter turnout with a turnout of 14% instead of the expected 10%.

The results of voting abroad showed a clear preference for the La Libertad Avanza candidate. In the Capital city, Milei got the support of 69.17% the voter, while Massa got the 29.07% of votes. In Barcelonathe libertarian won 65% of the votes, and just under 2% corresponded to blank or invalid votes. Therefore, six out of ten Argentines living in Spain favored Milei’s move to Massa’s Peronist ruling party.

Milei not only had overwhelming support in Spain, but also stood out in other European countries. In Italy And Austriareceived similar support from 58.66%. In IrelandHe 70% of Argentine residents trusted Milei as an option.

On the other hand, in countries like France, Sergio Massa achieved 56% of votes compared to the 38.7% that Milei received. Massa also prevailed in nations like Swedendemonstrating the scattered support of voters abroad.

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