Milei runs the “chainsaw” through the Kirchnerist military leadership: he removes 22 of 53 generals

“The Argentine Air Force is no longer what it was before the Malvinas and never will be.”warned in May 2023, Brigadier General Xavier Julian Isaac. At that time he was head of the Argentine Air Force and since yesterday, at the request of President Javier Milei, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (EMCO), the highest organ of that country’s military structure. In this way, the Argentine president decided that the air force would take control of his country’s armed forces.

And in order not to avoid conflict, Milei decided on the last working day of 2023 to take an unprecedented measure, this time affecting the military leadership. On that day he signed four decrees, with which he not only had an energetic effect Renewal of armed institutesbut also an intensive purge of the military high command, a fact that has not been observed for 20 years.

The army was the hardest hit, 23 of the 55 generals retired that in the Argentine Army and in the Navy, 7 of 26 admirals were dismissed, while in the Air Force, 5 of the 17 brigadier generals that the Air Force currently has in office would retire. It is not certain whether this raid of high-ranking officials corresponds to the Milei government’s motto “There is no money” or whether it is based on lessons and political readings about certain commanders who would be in the eyes of the new libertarian government as well. Start with the “military caste” or those related to the previous regime.

The truth is that Milei defined Argentina’s new military leadership four decrees -119, 120, 121 and 124- which were also approved by the Minister of Defense Luis Petri and only published in the Official Journal on Tuesday January 2nd. No time to waste, very early on Tuesday Petri sent off with the new military commanders to define the first actions.

After the army is purged, the brigadier general will be at the head of this armed institute Carlos Alberto Presti, 57 years old, who served as commander of the IV Airborne Brigade based in Córdoba and was previously director of the nation’s military academy. He replaces the lieutenant general Guillermo Olegario Pereda. In order for Presti to take the top spot in the army, 22 generals older than him automatically retired. This event is described as the greatest renewal since democracy, surpassing even that of Néstor Kirchner in 2005, when General Roberto Bendini took command of the army and retired 19 generals.

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In the navy, the rear admiral takes over the position Carlos María Allievi, 58 years oldwas the commander of the naval fleet and had also served as the second operational commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces since 2020. He replaces the admiral Julio Horacio Guardia. In fact, his appointment results in seven admirals resigning from the Argentine Navy.

Milei and Defense Minister Petri appointed Brigadier General as head of the air force Fernando Luis Mengo 55 years old, who had served as Air Force training and enlistment commander with Xavier Isaac, the new chief of the Joint Forces Command.

The Strategic General Staff (EMCO) of Argentina is the military body that directs the activities of all the country’s armed forces in peacetime and wartime and centralizes decisions and coordination regarding the human and material resources of the military institutions.

Brother of a national hero

Xavier Isaac, 61, who heads EMCO, has headed the Air Force since February 2020. Previously, he was, among other things, chief of the IV Air Brigade of Mendoza and aviation attaché at the Argentine Embassy in the United States. He is the brother of the famous aviator and national hero of the Falklands War, Gerardo Gullermo Isaac. retired Argentine Air Force commodore who was part of the 4th Fighter Group that attacked the British HMS Invincible on May 30, 1982 as part of the Falklands War.

It should be noted that Isaac, as head of the Air Force, was the protagonist of negotiations with the Pentagon regarding the acquisition by Argentina of several dozen F-16 fighter jets. It remains to be seen whether these negotiations will continue during Milei’s government and what the line will also be on the issues of military equipment, promotions and military salaries, which, like all Argentines, also suffer from the devaluation.

The election of these new military leaders would represent a major overhaul of the armed forces and mark a new milestone in the “Milei Era.” There is already talk of strong influence on this drastic decision by the Argentine president. The newspaper “El Clarín” mentions this. They come from Chief of Staff Nicolás Posse, by retired Brigadier General Jorge Antelo and the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich. It is also mentioned that Vice President Victoria Viillaruel participated to a lesser extent through the Minister of Military Affairs. Retired Lieutenant General Claudio Pasqualini.

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