Milei predicts that this will reduce inflation between 18 and 24 months

The elected President of the Republic of Argentina, Javier Milei, saidHe signed that his next government will need 18 to 24 months to bring the inflation plaguing the country under control.

The libertarian leader explained: “The empirical evidence for the Argentine case says that if you reduce monetary emissions today, this process will take between 18 and 24 months to destroy them and bring them to the lowest international level.”

The 53-year-old economist claimed to have a “clear plan” to deal with the economic crisis Argentina is currently going through, with an annual inflation rate of over 140% and a poverty rate of 40%.

Regarding the reform of the state, Milei was of the opinion that “everything that can get into the hands of the private sector will also be in the hands of the private sector,” pointing out among companies that the oil company YPF and the state media should be privatized.

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