Milei and the Pope reconcile

Argentina’s president-elect Javier Milei has called Pope Francis “the most important Argentine in history.” They were his first words when the phone call between the two ended. A rapprochement that should be celebrated after the turbulence caused by frontal and antagonistic statements between both heads of state and government.

Politics has won, and that’s why two thirds of Catholic Argentines are winning. In this context, there is a serious possibility that Francis will finally travel to his country next year after ten years of pontificate. Furthermore, it would be understandable and expected that Milei himself would visit him in the Vatican in the coming months, even before the Argentine Pope finally travels to his country.

Milei has declared himself a practicing Jew; In principle, his spiritual sensitivity would be a detail that the Pope would appreciate. Another point of agreement is abortion. The president-elect was outspoken and did not hesitate to reiterate that he condemns abortion. He argued that human life begins at conception, adding that the right to life of the unborn person must also be respected.

Milei conveyed to the Pope the themes of the new “super ministry” called human capital; The focus is on family, childhood, malnutrition and work, with the aim of “supporting the most vulnerable groups”, which is undoubtedly in line with the agenda promoted by Francisco.

The difference between the two may be style, but it’s no longer difficult to find similarities. Variables that will certainly allow good relations between both leaders and both states.

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