Milan are already preparing the big BOMBAZO for their striker

In the ever-dynamic transfer market, Milan have their eyes on the future and their bet is clear: Jonathan David, Lille’s young Canadian striker, is high on their radar. With his contract running until June 2025, the Rossoneri have seen his potential and a rumor has surfaced, piqued the interest of Lombard fans.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the French club have valued David at €60m, reflecting the confidence they have in his talent and ability to make the networks swing. At 22, the Canadian was already showing signs of his quality on the pitch and his goal-scoring ability has made him one of the most promising goalscorers on the scene today. His youth and determination have caught the attention of Milan managers, who see him as the reinforcement needed to further strengthen their attacking line.



primary goal

With Milan keen to regain the limelight in both Serie A and European competitions, Jonathan David’s signing could be a crucial step in that journey. The experience gained in France’s Ligue 1 has allowed him to mature his game and adapt to different situations on the pitch, qualities that could be crucial in his eventual move to Italy’s Serie A.

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