Malawi, where the cultivation and trade of medicinal cannabis is permitted, relies on Mike Tyson to promote this thriving industry. The country has officially asked the boxing legend to become an ambassador for the local industry, according to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture on Tuesday.

In a letter addressed to the former world heavyweight champion dated November 1 and of which AFP had a copy, the ministry wrote that “Malawi cannot go it alone in this complex industry and needs a partner . I would like to name you, Mr. Mike Tyson, Ambassador of the cannabis sector in Malawi ”. The ministry did not say whether the American had responded favorably to his request.

Mike Tyson engaged in the cannabis business in the United States

The youngest world champion in his category at the age of twenty in 1996, “Iron Mike”, after a tumultuous career in boxing between fights and various facts, has taken a new direction in recent years in the legal cannabis business. At the end of October, the American magazine Forbes announced the launch by the boxer of a new company for the marketing of cannabis-based products in the United States.

Malawi joined the list of African countries that allow medicinal use in early 2020, in particular to compensate for declining tobacco production. Production and sale for the manufacture of textiles and ropes are also permitted. Sometimes described as “Malawian gold”, cannabis had been cultivated illegally for years.


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