Mike James: “I wouldn’t have knelt for anyone”

Felix Sanchopresident of Hereda San Pablo Burgos, orforced his players to kneel on Saturday to apologize to the fans because the team was relegated to the LEB Oro after falling on the last day against Urbas Fuenlabrada (66-83), something that has not gone down well with some players from other teams.

The image has spread like wildfire through social networks and some European stars have commented on it. “I won’t kneel for any of this shit. I would have walked to the back and showered.”commented Mike James, AS Monaco shooting guard with a Baskonia past.

“No one would force me to do something I don’t want to do. Respect goes both ways. And responsibility starts from the top up. You, president, represent the team and the coaches, you must assume a responsibility as a leaderanswered Errick McCollum, at the Lokomotiv Kuban.

Malcolm Delaneybase of the Armani Milan, also got into the discussion. “Kneeling down to get a job is ridiculous. That’s not an apology to the fans, it’s letting the fans look down on grown men. The players are crazy if they accepted that.”.

And then he replied to James again that he did not blame the players because some of them need the money, although all that was crazy. “They’re definitely blaming them. Are they going to be fined for not taking a knee? I blame all sides.”

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