Mika Singh’s health deteriorated and his voice could not get out of his throat resulting in a huge loss of £15million

Mika Singh, one of Bollywood’s most famous singers, recently shockingly revealed that he has suffered a huge loss of Rs 15 million. Until a few days ago he was touring all over the world and giving concerts regularly, but he had to pay the price because his health was suffering.

Mika announced that this was the first time in his long career that he had to cancel his concerts due to health reasons. Micah shared that after America he had to do shows in Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Australia. Mika told that in the United States he kept participating in shows and not resting in between, which had a negative impact on his health, especially his throat.

He said his last show was in Dallas, where he contracted a cold that affected his throat and voice. When he consulted a doctor, the doctor told me to avoid traveling, so I didn’t even come to India.” Mika said his entire team suffered a loss of around 15 million rupees as many shows are cancelled had to.

Mika also said he had to return money to a lot of people because he wasn’t able to perform at the shows. He said, “Some people have been very supportive and allowed me to sing over CD and lip sync.”

Mika Singh also made it clear to the fans that his health is now much better than before. Now he is slowly recovering. From this week he will also start recording etc. Soon his performances will take place in Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Jakarta and many other countries.

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