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Miguel Illescas joins the ‘war’ against Niemann

Miguel Illescas joins the 'war' against Niemann

The ‘war’ against Niemann continues. The player has been accused by many people of cheating in person in the different games he has played. The American was accused of such infractions for the first time when he beat Magnus Carlson and since then different personalities have not stopped coming out to join these complaints. The last, the Spanish Miguel Illescas.

Miguel Illescas is a renowned Spanish chess player and computer programmer. One of the best the country has had in its entire history. Illescas owns eight Spanish Championships and was named International Grand Master, a title that is within the reach of very few people in the world. In addition, the Catalan also achieved a bronze medal in a chess Olympics. He is also the editor of the magazine King’s Pawn and director of the Edami chess college. All this gives him enormous credibility when it comes to talking about chess.

Illescas wanted to give his opinion on the thriller that Niemann is experiencing and, In a tweet, he has assured that the American cheated in different face-to-face games. He has not yet given the reasons why he is certain of the chess player’s infractions but he has announced that he will give them soon, either in his magazine or on his YouTube channel.

We will have to wait to hear the words of Grand Master Miguel Illescas, either through his magazine or through his YouTube channel. What is clear is that the accusations against Niemann will continue and that as long as it is not known for sure if he really cheated, the case will remain open. The American was not only accused of cheating in person, but also online. It is not known whether the truth will be discovered soon or not, but there are many personalities who continue to turn against Niemann who, for the time being, has not acknowledged having ever cheated.

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