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Miguel Ángel Gil: “Atlético has shown the ability to always get up”

Miguel Ángel Gil:

Atlético is going through a difficult moment. The European elimination, remaining in the last position of a favorable a priori groupleaves the rojiblancos without the options of a title and in the worst role of the Simeone era in his ten years qualifying the team for the highest European competition. In eight of the previous nine they had advanced to the round of 16 and in the 2017-18 season they fell to the Europa League to end up lifting the title.

Miguel Ángel Gil, CEO of Atlético, issued a public letter on the club’s website to insufflate spirits, brand the team’s European role as a failure, but already focusing efforts on LaLiga and the Copa del Rey, “which should be a goal for the rest of the season”. In addition, he asks for respect and trust in Simeone after his great historical baggage. Gil Marín appeals to unity to continue on the path and the stability that Atlético has maintained in recent seasons. This is the full letter:

“I am writing to you and to the thousands of Atletico fans who, like me, feel deeply disappointed by our elimination from Europe. I don’t intend to justify our poor performance in this edition of the Champions League, we are all aware that it has been a failure and we must have the humility to admit it. Our first objective was to get out of the group stage and unfortunately, although deservedly so, we have not achieved it. All of us who are part of the club, managers, technicians and players, are responsible for it and we assume it. It is a time for self-criticism, to analyze the mistakes made and correct them as quickly as possible.

The club has grown a lot in the last decade, to the point of to be living the best moment of our almost 120 years of history. Beyond the inauguration of an exemplary stadium and the forthcoming start of the Sports City that will take place around our stadium, the team has played the last ten editions of the UEFA Champions League consecutively, something that only 8 clubs have achieved, and only in the 2017-18 season had we not managed to qualify for the round of 16, season in which we finished champions of the UEFA Europa League. During this period we have also reached two Champions League finals, a semi-final and three quarter-finals, in addition to winning eight titles, including two Leagues.

For this reason, although the disappointment of this edition is great, we cannot lose sight of the general perspective. This group, with Diego Simeone as coach, has made us enjoy the milestones reached during this successful decade, and they deserve our respect and trust. to achieve the important challenges that we still have this season. The demand must continue to be maximum, but we must understand that this atypical season, starting with a World Cup, with what this entails for most of the players, is logically altering the performance of a squad of this level.

Throughout this time we have experienced difficult situations and the group has always overcome them. The season is far from over. Right now we are third in LaLiga and we will soon begin our participation in the Copa del Rey, in which we haven’t played a final for a long time, and which should be an important objective of the season. And for this there is no other formula than to be all together to achieve the club’s objectives. Every time we have done it, we have achieved it. Historically we have shown that we are in good times and bad, and if now it’s time to suffer, let’s do it, but together. this club and This team has shown the ability to always get up faster and faster after each fall, this time should be no different.

We are part of a society in which things happen very quickly, in which people tire easily of everything, with great tension often caused by reasons unrelated to football: crisis, inflation, wars… We cannot allow any external factor to disunite us instead of strengthening our ties. Unity is our great strength and we cannot lose it.

This club, throughout its history, has been characterized by its values: passion, effort, humility, solidarity and unconditional support, and that is what makes us strong.

Thank you for your support and cheers Atleti!”.

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