Sports Minister Francisco Camacho suggested that sports federations create their own leagues with retired athletes as a way for them to stay related to the discipline they practiced for years and said that it is a mandate from President Luis Abinader to support the activity. fitness, from children to adults.

Camacho sympathized with this idea, after a visit by the Liga de las Estrellas to the minister, in which its members took the opportunity to present the championships they achieved within the tournaments held by the International Maxibasketball Association (AMI) in the Dominican Republic and which They had the support of the Ministry of Sports.

“That is a mandate from the president, to support sport from children to adults,” said the minister, after the League thanked the support received.

“I am going to take advantage of this moment to suggest that each sports federation imitate you,” he added.

The League of Stars won the basketball championship trophies in the 40-, 45-, and 55-year-old divisions and was runner-up in the 50-year-old category, in a game they lost by two points. Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic participated in the contest.

“That each sports federation create a league for after (retirement) and that we forget that sport is only as far as you compete” as an active athlete, Camacho said.

Sport, Camacho insisted, is from children to adults, and he gave the example that a doctor asks a 90-year-old person to walk; “That is sport, that is health”.


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