Miderec suspends technicians and reduces food supply for athletes

Federated sport is being significantly affected by a series of measures adopted in recent days by the Ministry of Sports.

Among these measures are the suspension of dozens of technicians who provide services in the National Sports Federations and the suspension of food for the development programs that these institutions have during the weekends.

DEPORTE of Listín Diario has learned that the Ministry of Sports has been suspended for allegedly being on the payroll of other institutions, especially the military and police, dozens of technicians, specifically coaches.

This measure is supported by a communication dated February 17, sent by Mr. José Ramón Ciriaco, Director of the Department of Personal, Civilian, Military and Police Services.

In the Communication sent to the Department of Human Resources of the Ministry of Sports, “according to the law of public function in its Article 2, paragraph 3, where it establishes who is exempt from it and from the attributions that being an employee who occupies a position of administrative career, the following:

“Article 2.- The following are excluded from this law: Military and police personnel, even if they are assigned to a State security and intelligence body.”

The letter indicates that in view of the foregoing “it is prohibited for an employee with military powers in a military body to perform functions in administrative career positions in the accounts of both permanent and contracted employees. This will only be subject to compensation for security services, in a civil body, only the powers of this employee being surveillance and security, not the powers of employees who hold administrative career positions.

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The measure taken by the Ministry of Sports is also based on the fact that the suspended technicians allegedly violate Law 105-13, on the salary regulation of the Dominican State, which has about 40 articles and among these it states that a person cannot appear in more than a state payroll.

However, the law itself establishesexceptionswith those servers whose services may be medical or educational.

From the moment that Law 105-13 was put into effect, the sports sector was exempt and military and police sports technicians, as well as any other, continued their work.

Several federations have complained informally and are preparing communications to ask the Ministry of Sports and the Comptroller General of the Republic to rescind the measure so as not to affect the preparation and training programs of athletes who are preparing to participate in different international and other local events.

Another measure adopted by the Ministry of Sports is the suspension of food on weekends to the National Sports Federations, which significantly affects their development programs, as well as the events they have planned.

Many of the federations have development programs with youth athletes and with the new measure they will have to dispatch them on weekends, which will affect the training plan.

The Ministry of Sports, some federations say, has suspended food on weekends, that is, it will only provide food from Monday to Friday.


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